Are you a risk taker? Forget stunting

When you imagine the harm which people who do professional stunt work are constantly exposed to, there can be no doubt that it is dangerous. If it is not jumping from a moving automobile, it will be either getting punched squarely in the face or dropping from the top of a tall building. 

As many would imagine, this job is best suited for those who love a bit of an adrenaline rush to stay sane. Do you remember that kid from your school days that caught everyone’s attention because of his love for activities that often ended up in cuts, nose-bleed or a broken limb? Well, that was a daredevil and these are in no way linked to stunt performers. A stunt performer is a professional who gets paid to engage in acts that a normal person would ordinarily not do. It is essential for such acts to be performed depending on the nature of the story line being shot. 

For those who love to get the occasional pat in the back, daredevil work suits them best. Unfortunately, even if an act they did was very impressive, nobody pays for it. A daredevil is by all means a self-pleaser. While the stunt performer acts scenes that make cove for the replacement actor, not one ever gets credit for their work. As a matter of fact, stunt performers are paid per episode and this means they can only earn a living after doing some stunts. Quite heartbreaking is the fact that they are replaceable- in a flash. A stunt performer is not coming in because they are sick? Get a replacement! 

Since stunt performers do stunts to earn a living, their skills can only get better if the observe care and caution with all their moves. As with any other trade, there are levels and types of stunts professionals; combat/martial arts, jumpers/droppers, divers and the most popular drivers/bikers. So, can one add stunt performer in the resume? Why not, it takes years of training and lots of field work to perfect even a single move. If you are in the stunt business for the adrenaline, you will probably get bored really fast. Stunt performers are not only needed in scenes that require stunts but also in awkward, dirty or compromising situations. 

A great stunt performer trains all the time so that they are always ready to perform. It might not be possible to know all possible stunt moves but confidence will hack every role. The most important thing is to go easy on the body so that you live to see the next role.

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