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Planning for an end of tenancy cleaning exercise? Do not forget these areas

For most people who have been involved in tenancy disputes, the cause in many cases is deposit deductions. Tenants want to walk away from a tenancy arrangement with the full amount they paid as deposit while landlords are willing to hold on to this money to cover expenses arising from the tenancy. Forget the natural wear and tear of property because the landlord would have to spend for restoration anyway; cleaning is an essential part of the exit process. Every landlord is particular about the areas that they need to see to believe that the tenant did an awesome cleaning job. 

Lighting fixtures

Any fitting in the property that is connected to electricity is many times ignored. Some people just do not think about it while others assume it is not part of the cleaning arrangement. Surprisingly, wiping down sockets, bulbs and accessory mirrors does not only allow extra light into a room but also causes light emitted to be bright. What is the best way to remember the lighting fixtures? Add lighting as one of the items in the checklist whether your landlord included it or not. 

Behind heavy furniture

Chances are that you have no business looking underneath your heavy furniture pieces. That is wrong! Did you know that dust mites and other insects thrive where there is dust build up? If you make it a habit to move heavy appliances and furniture every few months then end of tenancy cleaning time will be easy because it will take up little time. 

Dirt on the grout

Have you ever noticed how fresh and sparkling a tiled wall looks like when the grout has been scrubbed? Over time, grout gets discolored and that dirt can be hard to remove in a single setting. Most people, due to their busy schedules will vacuum floors and wipe down walls without paying attention to the grout. Do not forget the grout if you are banking on pocketing your entire rent deposit. Actually, develop a schedule of how to cover every inch of the house where grout has been used. This way, end of tenancy cleaning London disputes as a result of dirty grout can be avoided. 

The best way to meet the requirements of your landlord is to ask them for a checklist. What if this checklist is missing? Which areas do you focus on? Professional end of tenancy cleaners would know which areas many landlords are particular with so hiring an experienced team will get some load off your back. Research now shows that end of tenancy cleaning London requirements are changing to cover the above areas.