Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning guide and Checklist

When individuals or renters are looking for new property to rent, most are usually on the lookout for clean and well-presented property that they can imagine making home. As such, end of tenancy cleaning is important, which is why the job should always be left to a professional and experienced service that can do the job correctly the first time.

Because both agents and landlords tend to be strict when it comes to the endof the tenancy, it means that you must provide the cleaners with a checklist and guide so that the cleaning process can be thorough and done according to your expectations. Here is a detailed guide and checklist for professional end of tenancy cleaning to guarantee the job is done right:

The kitchen

Professional end of tenancy cleaning services should clean every nook and cranny of your kitchen area from the floors to the cupboards and shelves. The crew should remove hidden crumbs and food particles as well as remove any stains on the surfaces using a damp cloth. Some of the other duties that the professional end of tenancy cleaning crew should take care of:

  • Wash and polish all the surfaces such as worktops, sink area, and
  • Clear the inside of cabinets, shelves, and
  • Throw away any leftovers, clean the fridge/freezer and the microwave inside out
  • Get rid of limescale build up from extractors and hobs
  • Polish and de-greasethe wall tiles
  • Remove moldthat may have grown between grout

The living room

The living room is where you and your family probably spend the most time. Therefore, it is likely to require deep cleaning because dusting and vacuuming arenot enough to get the job done. The professional end of tenancy team should:

  • Clean the carpet edges thoroughly
  • Move all the furniture, clean the upholstery and vacuum underneath
  • Remove oily stains, fingerprints, andmarks on windows
  • Dust off windowsills, curtains, shades, andblinds


The professional end of tenancy cleaning in the bathroom should be just as detailed as the living room cleaning. It should encompass:

  • Removing any cobwebs from the ceiling and corners
  • Dust the wardrobes, shelving, carboards and any dust reachable surfaces
  • Wipe any dirt off the curtain rails
  • Polish mirrors, artwork and wall hangings

The bathroom

The bathroom is vulnerable to dirt and mildew, which are typically easily visible. The toilets, showers, tiles, andbath should be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected. You should also expect the professional service to:

  • Clean the taps, basins, tabs, fittings
  • Get rid of hard water stains, as well as limescale
  • Clean the plumbing behind the sink and toilet
  • Clear out the drains

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